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Goway Travel, operating since 1970, has been providing unforgettable travel experiences for travellers from all walks of life. We are North America’s leading travel provider to Australia & the South Pacific, Asia, Africa & the Middle East, Latin America & Antarctica, the world’s most Idyllic Islands and UK-Europe.

Agent registers directly with supplier through link below.

It takes up to one business day for account approval.

“Goway is pleased to welcome new travel agency partners to our distribution network. However, to be accepted as a new distribution partner your agency must provide at least one of the following ATA/ARC/CLIA/TRUE CODE.

Please complete the below registration form and send to

Travel Agents Registration Form (PDF)

Legal Name of Travel Agency: K&L Travel and Tours 

IS this a host agency? YES

Consortia Group: NONE

True  # 99901944

Country of Agency: USA

Address: 367 Sumter Highway Unit D, Camden, SC 29020

Work Email: your email

Phone number: your number

Are you home based? Yes

Home based address is your address.

Travel Consultants in your agency.

Consultant 1 name: your name  consultant 1 email: your email

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