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Hootsuite – All-In-One Social Media Management

HootSuite is the gold standard for social media management tools for travel agents. This platform lets you combine your social media across a wide variety of social platforms–and manage it all in one place. This includes Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, just to name a few.

SurveyMonkey – Get Customer Reviews & Feedback Quickly

SurveyMonkey is a powerful way to get feedback and customer reviews. You can use these surveys for a wide variety of purposes–you can send them directly to customers after their trips to get feedback.

Typito – Drag-And-Drop Video Marketing

Typito is like Canva, but it has expanded capabilities for video. Video is one of the most engaging types of media for customers–51% of marketers say it has the highest ROI. Using Typito, you can quickly add filters, text, graphics, images, and more to short videos.

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Vacation Express Travel Suppliers

Vacation Express Travel Supplier

Vacation Express Travel Supplier

Vacation Express Travel Supplier

Vacation Express Travel Supplier

Free Social Media & Marketing Tutorials

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Getting Started with Canva

Creating a Logo in Canva

Quick Graphic Designs

Adding Text To Using Typito

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